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Mrs. Mishi Khurana

Since childhood , accompanying my mother and my grandmother in the kitchen had always been my favorite activity. My mother would often made me write her self-made recipes and save them in a diary. In 2012 ,when she left us , I realized that she had saved a treasure behind for the world which was , self made recipes , motivation, love and inspiration. I was deeply inspired but would often feel nostalgic about the beautiful memories i have had in the kitchen: how it helps in therapy and transformation of a person. This magical place gave a life objective and aim to spread the message across the world. It made me connect with values I had learnt from my mother and grandmother. In my journey , Certain life circumstances and a series of events developed this passion of cooking and serving into profession In 2016 After living the art of nature healing and food consultancy, i launched a venture namely , ‘Divine Nature’ which powers ‘Delicious and Delicacies By Mishi Khurana’. It is a pleasure and privilege for us to reach up to you , I am grateful to launch and express my life objective via this platform- our brand. We are overwhelmed by the response we have received from the past few years. We promise to serve quality products and continue the same in future. Thank you so much for your support and blessings throughout this journey.

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